Saturday, February 15, 2014

Fashion Kills (Sleep)

Boy 3 woke up at 6:20 after wetting his bed.

Cleaned him up and attempted to put PJs on him. Ha! PJs? Not this guy.

After 20 mins of searching, in midst of an epic meltdown, for his "cool clothes," I am pleased to announce that he is back in a peaceful slumber.

Looking dashing, may I add, in his white business shirt, red tie and olive green cords.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

I'm smiling now but....

all hell WILL break loose if any of these cards are moved, even a smidge. I don't care if the table is in the middle of the living room. You will not touch this table.

Submitted by Mommy Yoshimi in Okinawa

In Japan, there is a custom called Mamemaki for Setsubun which involves oni (ogres) and throwing of beans to drive away evil spirits and bad luck. Every year, the kids get scared out of their minds by these oni and parents across the country warn their kids to be good or else the oni will come for them. Aaaah, traditions.

Submitted by Daddy Patrik in Boston

Movie Mania

Boy 3 has well and truly put his Grease obsession to rest. So it seems for now. We shall see.

But now, his latest obsession is "Sonny, I Drunk the Kids" - any guesses on what movie this is?