Friday, March 28, 2014

Mr. Pedantic

Boy 3 is Mr. Pedantic about the strangest things.

Here are just a few of them off the top of my head. Trust me, for every one I've listed, there are at least five more.

* He will only eat with a particular green plastic spoon we got from Yogurtland. Spaghetti, miso soup and rice, ice cream - no matter what, green spoon.

* He will only wear his Ryujin Mabuya (Okinawan superhero) socks and they must fit across his toes in just the right way. They must be pulled up but not all the way, juuuust so.

* He will only wear long sleeves and they must NEVER be rolled or pulled up, except when he's sitting on the toilet for #2. This is serious business which can only be achieved when his forearms are exposed, apparently.

* He wants muesli with milk about 5 times a day, but never at your suggestion. Only when he is ready for it.

* He lines up his superheroes and characters in a very specific manner which varies day to day, sometimes hour to hour. FYI, if one happens to fall over and you want to help by putting it back? DON'T. You're doing it wrong.

* His toy of the day will be selected in the minutes when I'm desperately trying to get him out the door so I won't be late for work again. Upon drop off, the toy must then sit and wait for him in his carseat while he goes to school.

* The Beatles must be playing in the car at all times.

* Sweatshirts and jeans must be worn on hot days and thin T-shirts and shorts on cold days.

* He likes to drink his coffee (hot chocolate) and beer (any other beverage) like Mommy and Daddy. Of course, he must share this with complete strangers: "I'm drinking my beers."

* Movies must be played on repeat. The choices are "Grease," "Sonny, I Drunk the Kids," "Ferris Bueller," "Karate Kid" or "Dragon: the Bruce Lee Story." These were the choices of the month. Don't worry, he'll change it up whenever he feels like it for no apparent reason. Oh! And he will only choose the one that has disappeared. He invented Murphy's Law.

* And here's my personal favorite:  Woody and Jessie's hats must stay on while they ride floppy Bullseye. (We all know this is impossible.)

Do you feel like you have a good grasp on the insanity we get to deal with on a daily basis?

Lucky for him (and us) that visits from Mr. Sweet Big Boy are becoming more and more of a regular treat.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

How to Get Rid of Warm Fuzzies

Boy 3: "I like yo face, Mommy. You so beyuuuuuutiful!"

Me, warm fuzzies.

Boy 3: "and so oooooooold."

Warm fuzzies, gone.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Submitted By Papa Yuji in Okinawa

Girl 5 NOT impressed with Papa's speech at a wedding...

Reasons My 3 Year Old Won't Take a Shower:

"I'm biiiizy doing dis!"

"I'm playing blocks!"

"There's no school tomorrow so no shower."

"Washing my hair hurts."

"Don't need it."

"My teacher says no shower."


Boy 7 trying to work up the courage to go into the grumpy neighbour's yard to get his ball.
No, asking the neighbour is not an option. As previously mentioned, he is grumpy. Very grumpy.

Thursday, March 6, 2014