Wednesday, January 29, 2014

12 Going on Delusional

My poor, darling 12 year old daughter. She came home from school yesterday and told me in a very serious voice that she had something important to talk about. My heart skipped and lurched into my throat for a second. What could this be about? 

"Well, you know that me and BFF love that K-Pop group blah blah blah?"

Blah blah blah is what I call them because I can't distinguish between the battalion of beautifully polished Korean boybands. Seriously, they all must share a stylist and their music! Every single song sounds exactly the same.

"Weeeellll," she continued, "BFF is the president of their fan club on Twitter (recently pronounced Tweeter by someone who shall remain nameless, but that's another story) and her fan club friends up in Tokyo won some tickets and they're giving TWO to BFF. Sooooo...we have it ALL worked out. It's $200 for the flights and we can figure out accommodation but can BFF and I go up there on May 21st to watch them? Pleeeeease?"

Here are the facts:

1) These girls are TWELVE.

2) We live on the sleepy island of Okinawa, about a 3 hour flight away from Tokyo.

3) These girls are TWELVE.

4) Tokyo is one of the busiest, biggest, bustling cities in the world.

5) These girls are TWELVE.

6) May 21st is a Wednesday in the middle of a school week.

7) These girls are TWELVE.

And the list goes on and on and on. Don't worry, my girl reassures me, these Twitter friends are really nice. 

Me: "How do you know these Twitter friends are even 12 year old girls?"

Girl 12: "They ARE. They sent BFF pictures of themselves and they are 12, just like us."

Me: "Just because they sent their pictures, doesn't mean that those girls in the pictures are actually those girls. This could be some 40 year old man for all you know!"

Girl 12 (EYE ROLL)

I must tell you now, friendly reader, that Okinawa is the safest, most peaceful little "city town" that you could ever imagine. Yes, it's part of Japan but it's not the Harajuku girls, bullet train, capsule hotel, skyscraper Japan that usually comes to mind. These girls are so accustomed to life here, where everyone is on "Oki time" and a commute of 15 minutes constitutes the title of a "long drive," where the Kevin Bacon game isn't even any fun because it's more like 2 degrees of separation.

Yeah, sure, I'll just put these girls on a plane to one of the capitals of the world of technology and fashion and hope for the best. Hope they catch the right train into the right town to right into the arms of these 12 year old, incredibly generous girls who are willing to part with these precious concert tickets to a couple of strangers. 

I shudder at the thought.

I didn't want to make my daughter feel bad right away so I promised to talk it over with my husband.

She actually thinks there's a ray of hope there. She went over to BFF's house today after school to iron out the details.

We're in for a fun conversation tonight, poor thing.

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